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The Moynihan Report And The Black Family: 50 Years And Waiting (WGBH News, 4.6.2015)

In the shadow of the assassination of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X), the Selma to Montgomery march and escalating racial tensions throughout the country, a significant report, The Negro Family: The Case for National Action was shared in limited number within the Johnson Administration. Authored by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, then Assistant Secretary of Labor for Policy and Research, The Moynihan Report, as it is known, was significant and illusive, courageous and the source of great consternation. CLICK HERE to read more…

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6.29.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “All Revved Up: President Obama’s On A Mission”

6.22.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “Revs Talk About Way Forward After Gov. Haley Calls For Confederate Flag Removal”

6.15.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “All Revved Up: Mothers Turn In Sons, Former NAACP Leader Resigns, And Vatican Debates Climate Change”

6.1.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “All Revved Up About St. Francis X. Cabrini And the Pope”

5.18.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “Two Reverends Process The Moral Complexity Of The Tsarnaev Verdict”

5.11.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: Is ‘Negrotown’ Smart Satire Or Just Off-Key?”

5.4.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: How Close Is Boston To Another ‘Freddie Gray’ Moment?”

4.27.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: Finding Your Roots, Or Burying Them?, ‘All Revved Up’ Takes On Ben Affleck”

4.20.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: All Revved Up: Loretta Lynch Nomination Hold-Up, Scrutiny For Another North Charleston Cop”

4.13.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: All Revved Up: The Death of Walter Scott, Hillary Clinton’s Faith, Pope Watch”

4.6.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: All Revved Up: Jesus Christ’s Politics, the Moynihan Report, Pope Watch”

3.30.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: Reacting To The Shooting Of A Police Officer in Roxbury, Plus BLM Video”

3.24.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: All Revved Up: Starbucks Takes A Shot At Race, Was It A Hit Or Miss?”

3.16.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: From a Patty’s Day Breakfast Post-Mortem To a Post-Papacy Pizza Party”

3.9.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: All Revved Up: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Selma March”

3.2.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: All Revved Up: The Civil Rights Legacy of AG Eric Holder”

2.23.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: All Revved Up: ‘Selma,’ Malcolm X, Pope Watch”

2.20.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: All Revved Up: Why the ‘Selma’ Soundtrack Deserves an Oscar”

2.20.2015 – Emmett on Basic Black’s “Rediscovering Black History Month in Color”

2.20.2015 – Emmett on Basic Black After the Broadcast: Malcolm X for a New Generation”

2.20.2015 – Emmett on Basic Black After the Broadcast: Malcolm X for a New Generation”

2.11.2015 – Emmett on “The Ferguson Protests: The Christian Faith, Race Relations, and Civic Order” (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)

1.26.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: Racial Profiling on Campus: ‘Every Black Man is a Suspect'”

1.19.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: Would Dr. King Approve of the I93 Blockade?”

1.19.2015 – Emmett featured in Watertown News Article, “Martin Luther King Celebrated at Watertown Unity Breakfast”

1.5.2015 – Emmett on WGBH’s “BPR: Revs. Irene Monroe and Emmett G. Price III Talk About Late Sen. Edward Brooke”

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Basic Black – “The Black Church, Hip Hop and Gay Marriage”

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Basic Black – “Uncle Tom in the 21st Century”

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