February 28 – Speaker @ “A Conversation on Contemporary Black American Issues With Special Guests: Emmett G. Price III and Jabari Asim” (Papercuts J.P., Jamaica Plain, MA)

March 13 – Moderator @ Fair Housing Conference Panel (Suffolk University Law School, Boston, MA) Website:


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Rap Goes to Court: When Lyrics Become Evidence In a Trial (The Root, April 8, 2014)

This week the Supreme Court of New Jersey is scheduled to hear final arguments in State v. Skinner, a case that could have a far-reaching impact on the criminal justice system.

The case reflects an alarming new trend in which lyrics by amateur rappers are used against them as evidence in criminal prosecutions.

Vonte Skinner, an admitted drug dealer and wannabe rapper, was arrested after a 2005 shooting and was found guilty in 2008 of attempted murder. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison, largely on the basis of rap lyrics composed prior to the 2005 incident.

Here’s a sample from the 13 pages of lyrics in question, which were found by police in his girlfriend’s car and used as evidence of Skinner’s motive and tendency toward violence:  CLICK Here to read More

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